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Dec. 18th, 1pm & 6pm

At Admiral Farragut Academy

We are so excited to share what our kids have been working on.  Come join us for a fun evening of music, dance, and theatre.  



Christmas Presents

Just the FAQs

What:        Our very first Winter Concert


Where:    DeSeta Hall at Admiral Farragut Academy 

        501 Park Street North,  St. Petersburg, FL  33710


When:        Dress rehearsal for juniors and teens on                           Dec. 17th @ 4pm @ AFA

        (dress rehearsal will happen in the last class for            tots and peewees)

        Shows are Dec. 18th at 1pm and 6pm    

        Group A will only perform at 1pm 

        Group B will only perform at 6pm


Who:        Everyone except the following classes are                         able to perform:


            Adult Tap and Ballet

            Twinkle Twos


Groups:    Students in Tots and Peewee ballet/tap, hip hop and jazz classes will be                 split into two groups.  MTV and group voice classes will perform in both                 shows.


GROUP A:  peewee and tot classes that take place Monday through Wednesday

GROUP B:  peewee and tot classes that take place Thursday through Saturday


Cost:        $35/performer  (includes show shirt and video link)  Due by Sept. 30th.          



Tickets:    On sale through the website now.

        General admission $20  / Reserved floor seats $50 /  V.I.P. seats $80

Tickets may be purchased online by logging into your account and navigating to our online store.  To select your floor or VIP seats, please speak with the front desk. 


Costumes:      Not exactly.  Ballet/tap numbers will wear their class leotards (be sure you 

have the right color for your class).  Each class may have props or accessories assigned to them.  If they all need to be uniform, we will purchase them and charge your account accordingly, but we will keep costs low.  If they can be something you provide, we will let you know.  Always check with the instructor about your specific class.  


Backstage:       Please label everything your child brings to the theatre.  Tie or tape 

hangers together with the student’s name clearly labeled.  Parents will come backstage and drop kids off in their respective rooms.  They will receive a lanyard to allow access and they will return the lanyard at the end of the show to retrieve their child.  


Video:        We will video tape the performances and everyone will get a link to their

        child’s respective show.


Volunteers:    We cannot do this without your help.  We recommend parents 

volunteer for the show in which their child is NOT performing so that you can sit and cheer them on.  Parents of juniors and teens can choose either show.  To volunteer, please sign up at, or call, the front desk.

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