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FEE SCHEDULE effective 6/1/22

BADA is dedicated to educating students regardless of age, race, or economic background. We bring highly qualified instructors to our school while still offering competitive pricing. We want to make you and your child excited about being a part of our family.  Financial assistance and scholarships are available.  If you're interested in  becoming a supporting angel to a deserving student, please contact us.   Class ages are based on a child's age on August 1st. 

Annual Registration Fee        NEW STUDENT  $40*  ($35 for each additional child)

                                                   RETURNING STUDENTS  $35 ($30 for each additional child)

30 Minute Twinkle Two's classes:

  • 1 Class a week           $50/month

  • 2 Classes a week.      $100/month

45 Minute Peewee or Tot dance, tumbling or MTV  classes:

  • 1 Class a week           $60/month

  • 2 Classes a week       $110/month

  • 3 Classes a week       $150/month
  • 4 classes a week       $180/month

    add peewee ballet/tap to 1 hour dance classes       add $50 to prices below

1 Hour Dance / Drama / Group Voice classes:

  • 1 Class a week           $70/month

  • 2 Classes a week       $130/month

  • 3 Classes a week       $185/month

  • 4 Classes a week       $225/month

  • 5 Classes a week       $245/month

  • 6 Classes a week       $285/month

  • 7+ Classes a week     $320/month* 

  • Single Class Drop in       $20.00

* does not include Musical Theatre Production (add $20)

1 Hour MTV, Music Theatre Workshop classes*:

  • 1 Class a week           $80/month

           *please note that all Music Theatre Workshop and Production students must take at least 2 voice lessons per month.


2 Hr Musical Theatre Production

  • 1 Class a week           $120/month


Junior Ballet-Tap Combo classes (90 minutes):

  • 1 Class a week           $110/month

2 Hr. Performing Group (jazz and voice required):

      * 1 class a week $80/month

Private Voice, Piano, Guitar, Bass*+

  • 1/2 Hour                      $40​    ($35 for students enrolled in classes)

  • 1 hour                          $80    ($70 for students enrolled in classes)

Private Dance, College Audition Prep & Self Tape sessions*+

  • 1/2 Hour                      $50    ($40 for students enrolled in classes)

  • 1 hour                          $100   ($80 for students enrolled in classes)

  • 90 minutes                 $140   ($110 for students enrolled in classes)

  • Choreography           under 1:30 minutes - $100          under 3:00 minutes - $200

Adult Dance Classes:

  • Drop in class                  $25

  •  1 weekly class              $70

  • 2 weekly classes           $130

  • 3 weekly classes           $185

  • 4 weekly classes           $225

Wedding Dance Package (Choreography + three 1-hour rehearsals):

  • Flat Rate                  $550 (30 minute consultation, choreography, 3 hours dance lessons with Broadway professionals)

  • additional hours ($100/hr) billed as needed 


*Registration fee is applicable for new students or students returning after missing three consecutive weeks.

+ Missing a private lesson without prior notification 24 hours in advance will result in a forfeiture of payment or accrual of charge in the amount of your reserved lesson.

-All cancellations must be received in writing, either by letter or by emailing

-Tuition is due at the beginning of the month. Tuition received after the 7th is subject to a $10 Late fee. Tuition received after the 14th is subject to an additional $5 late fee. (Total of $15)

-Monthly tuition is based on the cost for the entire session and does not change regardless of how many weeks of classes are in the month and regardless of all vacation days and holidays.  Some weeks will have five weeks of classes, some will have four, some will have three, the monthly tuition does not change.

-It is the responsibility of the student to make-up missed classes within a month from when the absence occured. Make-up classes may not be taken in the same class in which the absence occured. Make-up lessons are non-transferable.  Only one make-up class may be taken each month for each class in which a student is enrolled.

-In order to avoid classes being disrupted or overwhelmed, there will be no makeup classes offered after instances of force majeure.

-If you are charged for tuition due to failing to notify us that your student is withdrawing from class before the end of the previous month, there is a $15 processing fee. Refunds for partially used tuition will be pro-rated minus a $25 fee.

-Refund requests for charges made 6 months or more prior may only receive studio credit.


-Unlimited classes only apply to group classes and does not apply to private lessons

-Students may only take one class per week of each type of dance class (i.e. you may not take multiple ballet/tap classes each week without authorization.)


Summer camp deposits are non-refundable.  Summer camps must me paid in full one week prior to commencement.  No refunds will be given unless cancellation notice is given in writing at least 14 days prior's to the first day of camp.  After that, 50% credit will be given onto your account.  No credit will be issued for partial attendance.  

Unlimited Classes

*add $20 to include Musical Theatre Production 
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