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Code of Conduct

At Broadway Arts & Dance Academy, we love helping every child explore their boundaries in a safe environment.  However, there are certain codes of conduct and forms of etiquette that are expected of our students and parents.

- Clean up after your little ones.  Our staff is usually busy instructing classes, helping parents manage their accounts or servicing the multiple restrooms around the studio.  Help them keep our space clean by picking up food and toys off the floor.  Don't hesitate to let us know if you need a hand though.

- Our dance floors are special and expensive.  Help us preserve them by ensuring students wear clean shoes to class and NEVER wear their dance shoes outside of the dance studio. 

- Be kind.  We are a family owned business, not a large corporation.  We are always trying to do our best to help you create an incredible human being, filled with confidence and in-tune with their highest mental and physical capabilities.   We try to balance the fun with education and fitness in a classroom where multiple students are trying to learn to balance individual expression with group cooperation.  The business comes second to that.  

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